DICE COVID-19 Global Innovation Challenge FAQ

What is DICE?

DICE is a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation, the oldest innovation platform in Pakistan. Our organization has long believed that innovation is the key behind sustainable progress and prosperity. With this challenge, we strive to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide. To learn more about our organization, please visit our website

Who is eligible to participate?

Participants of all ages and experience levels are able to participate. You do not need any technical or clinical experience. Participants from all academic and professional backgrounds are encouraged to submit their ideas.

Does my innovation have to be health-care related?

No! We are looking for solutions to all problems COVID-19 has introduced into our society, such as its impact on our economy and food-security. We are also looking for innovations to prevent future pandemics. Please find our “Some Ideas to Get You Started” flyer on our COVID-19 homepage for a better understanding of the diverse solutions we are looking for. 

It is possible to add edits or changes to my submission?

You can continue to make edits or changes to your submission until June 15th. After that all submissions will be reviewed by the DICE team. 

Can I submit more than one project?


What is the judging criteria?

Participants will be evaluated based on three criteria, and judges will assign a score to each participant on a scale of 100, based on the weight of each criteria below. Participants will be notified if they will move forward in the challenge. 

Degree of Innovation: 20%

Readiness of Implementation: 40%

Benefit to Society: 40%

We recommend addressing the judging criteria in your submission. For example, please include why your product may be unique, how it benefits society, and how close your product is to implementation (details below). 

How mature does my idea have to be?

We expect your idea to be implementable or close to implementable, as 40% of the evaluation criteria is ‘readiness of implementation’. We recommend you demonstrate the strength of your idea through any of the following: background material, research, a prototype, or a pilot test. If your submission does not require a prototype or does not have a prototype yet, you should provide strong backing research to support your idea. The more evidence you provide that your idea is plausible, the higher the score you will get in this section. 

If we make it to the top 20, what will the video pitch require?

We will release more details on this soon. 

Are there any limitations on how I may spend the prize money?

No. This is purely an award for your submission and an incentive for people worldwide to submit innovative ideas. You may choose to spend the prize money to further develop your innovation. 

Who will I pitch my idea to if I make it to the top ten?

You will be able to pitch your idea to the executive management and/or senior leaders of the industry your submission falls under. Industries include textiles, IT, agriculture, automobile, health, pharmaceutical, and more.    

If I reach the top 10 and have the opportunity to pitch my idea to an investor/industry leader,is it guaranteed to be implemented?


No, we cannot guarantee your innovation will be implemented.

How is my idea displayed on the DICE platform?

Please note that our platform only shows a title and brief description of your innovation publically (see examples on ‘COVID-19 innovation database’); any details, further information, or documentation you submit about your innovation will not be publicly available on our platform and only be used for the judges reference.

Intellectual Property Rights

Participants will retain ownership of their intellectual property rights in their submissions to DICE Foundation’s COVID-19 Challenge. DICE Foundation will not own your idea.

If you believe your innovation is patentable, DICE Foundation recommends patenting your innovation before submitting it on our public platform. 

Does DICE Foundation require exclusivity?

No. You can submit your innovations to other challenges. 

What if I have more questions?

We are happy to answer your questions! Please submit them on our site under “submit your queries/ needs” or email alina.haque@dicefoundation.org 

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