Project Requirements

1. Students teams from any HEC recognized degree awarding universities/institutes.
2. Each team can have a max of five members. Each team must have one member from industry.
3. Each university needs to submit their most innovative projects from various disciplines.
4. The Innovative Projects can be from any of the above mentioned four groups
Group A; Engineering and Technology, Computer Sciences and Information Technology
Group B: Physical Sciences and Agricultural Sciences
Group C: Arts & Humanities, Business and Social Sciences
Group D: Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences
Project Requirements:
Participating teams will need to submit an innovative project idea, one page project description, and team membership at the time of registration.
Teams should preferably utilize state-of-art technologies/software to design the innovative product concept.
Projects having strong potential to benefit local industry/economy will be given special consideration.
Teams will need to submit a complete project report including business plan prior to the final event before given deadline (report template will be available on the DICE 2022 website). Please make sure to bring a copy of report on the final event days as well.
Teams will be required to display and present their projects at the event.

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