Supporting DICE

A.DICE Innovation Events

  • Show your support by attending the event and becoming part of the transformation process. Encourage academia, students, faculty, industry and entrepreneurs in their efforts to embrace Innovation culture. Use your circle of influence to spread the word about DICE.
  • Participate
    • By having a Display booth at the event for your Industry/Organization.
    • Presenting at one of the Symposiums
  • Sponsor the event.
    • Cash donation to the University
    • One or more lunches, Hi-teas, dinners, etc. (approx. 600 people)
    • Sponsor Prizes
  • Sponsor Innovation Development
    • Adopt Innovation – Fund and support further development of one or more innovations.

B. DICE Innovation Portal

  • Register and become a member of the portal and encourage others in your circle to join the portal.
  • Use the portal to submit your queries, needs or innovative ideas and connect to Academia in Pakistan. Academia can help in the further development of your queries, ideas and projects.
  • Financially support the operations and maintenance of the portal. Become a partner.

C. DICE University Student Chapters

  • Adopt a Chapter. Financially support the chapter and become a partner.
  • Sponsor Chapter activities and events.
  • Sponsor further development of Chapter regional Innovations

D. DICE Foundation

  • Establish a DICE Foundation Chapter in your community and support DICE vision and mission by conducting annual fundraising event.
  • Support and sponsor DICE Foundation initiatives
  • Become a strategic Partner (same level as Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and British Council)
  • Become a founding member

Please send us using the Contact Us form with your name and contact number.

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Thank you!.


Supporting DICE

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