Launching DICE IIP Chapter

  1. Download generic Institute-DICE IIP MOU from and add details for your institution.
  2. Send complete MOU to DICE Foundation at
  3. Within 2 weeks of receiving MOU DICE Foundation team will send approval (in most case it will be approved) and signed MOU to institution.
  4. Institution will then get MOU signed by VC/Rector/ORIC Director and send it back to DICE Foundation within 2 weeks.
  5. DICE Foundation team will then create an admin page for institution on DICE Innovation Portal (
  6. Institution will then send contact information of DICE IIP student president and faculty in charge and will begin recruiting process to involve other students in the team to run DICE IIP and conduct DICE VIC every year.
  7. Institution will later submit plans to DICE Foundation, no later than 2 months after MOU signed, to conduct annual DICE VIC and will begin VIC preparations, including a basic website for DICE IIP Chapter and DICE VIC.

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