Farmer Portal


Innovation across the value chain of farming system and advancement in crop production technology to improve agricultural economy of Pakistan.


To provide farmers, extension workers, researchers, agricultural service providers with critical information, agronomic knowledge, and technology needed to maximize on-farm yield and sustainable profits across the entire value chain of food security.

Farmer Portal Features

  • The farmer portal will be one stop shop for farmers providing step by step guidance to help maximize crop yield. 
  • Participating farmers will combine agronomic knowledge, advanced production technology with personal farming experience to increase yield.
  • Within the limits of prescribed solutions farmers will make their own management decision for seed, fertilizer, irrigation, and pest control to design activities to protect their yield.
  • The seed, fertilizer, and crop protection recommendations will be customized for a given region for unique yield and profitability.
  • The interactive portal will monitor and measure the impact of agronomic and production management to optimize sustainable yields and profits.
  • The farmer portal provides access to real time, quantitative data and scientific research reports related to advancing crop production and optimizing yields.
  • Access to weather forecast and expert recommendations to adjust the crop production and management practices in timely manner.
  • The first phase is planned for cotton crop with 50-200 farmers. 
  • And will follow with other crops in the second phase.

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